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Active Buyers and High-Growth Companies, Unlocked

Honch is a B2B data platform for revenue teams and marketers that lets you identify and engage with active buyers when reviewing suppliers.

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Helping marketers and revenue teams at companies including:

Our Products


Target 200,000 HR decision-makers in UK companies. Senior contacts across L&D, Talent, D&I, Reward and HR generalists.

Product Features

Track 40,000+ HR hires each year
Database of 200,000 senior HR professionals
HR teams in funded companies


For sales and marketing professionals targeting CFOs, FDs, Heads of Finance and all senior finance roles in UK companies. 

Product Features

Track 30,000+ Finance hires each year
Database of 180,000 Finance professionals
Finance teams in funded companies


Track and target directors of Marketing, Sales, Brand, Comms, Ecommerce, Insight, Social and Design.

Product Features

Track 50,000+ Marketing hires each year
Database of 200,000 Marketing decision-makers
Commercial teams in funded companies


Sell and market to CIOs, Technology Leads, Heads of IT and all senior tech decision-makers in UK companies.

Product Features

Track 30,000+ Tech hires each year
Database of 70,000+ senior IT decision-makers
The tech teams in funded companies


Track and target senior buyers and procurement professionals across Retail, Technology and other key sectors.

Product Features

Track 20,000+ new Buyers each year
Database of 30,000+ senior Buyers in UK companies
The buying teams in funded companies

CSR & Sustainability

Market and sell to senior CSR, Sustainability and Social Impact decision-makers in UK companies.

Product Features

Track 20,000+ CSR hires each year
Database of 30,000+ Sustainability and CSR decision-makers
The CSR teams in funded companies

Target New Appointments in Their First 100 Days

Honch tracks more than 20,000 senior appointments in UK companies every month across the areas of HR, Finance, Marketing, Tech, Procurement and CSR

Ensure you're targeting new decision-makers as they're reviewing suppliers and beginning to implement new initiatives in their first 100 days

Sync new appointments to any CRM or marketing system to ensure you never miss another revenue opportunity

Track Your Clients When They Move Company

Your existing clients know you. They love your business, and many will have become long-term brand advocates. But each year 20% change jobs

Upload client lists and allow Honch to alert you immediately when somebody leaves an existing client and joins a new business

Honch ABM and Prospect Tracking

Upload and match account lists so you never miss another opportunity in your named accounts

Create customised alerts as new prospects join your accounts, allowing you to start building relationships immediately

Enrich the data in your current prospect audience and ensure you're adding members each day

Built To Connect

Our data syncs with over 2,000 B2B platforms. Connect Honch to your team's existing tools to sell more.

What our clients say

But don't take our word for it, take theirs...

"We made the decision to invest in Honch, when looking to expand our marketing reach within the HR sector. We were astonished at the quality and volume of relevant contacts available, which has had an impressive impact on our marketing reach, having delivered hundreds of webinar registrants and multiple new business sales".

Matt Giblin

“We’ve used Honch for 2 years at Emburse and can directly attribute significant revenue to using the platform. The data quality is the best I’ve seen, and it provides an ongoing stream of new leads for our sales team. The Salesforce sync means we have fresh prospects every morning when starting work. We love it!"

Catherine Maiden

"We’ve used a number of data providers in the past but Honch is (by far) the best quality B2B data I’ve ever used. The speed at which we receive updates means we never miss an opportunity and has already resulted in a number of new clients"

Katie Linstead

"We have been using Honch for a while now, after having trying other similar platforms in the past. We are so very impressed with the ease of functionality, as well as the quality and volume of relevant data that we are getting on a regular basis. Customer service is excellent too. I would totally recommend Honch to anyone."

Jo Ankers
Product Feature

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About B2B Data

If you need full coverage of every decision-maker across HR, Marketing, Finance, CSR, Tech and Procurement departments, then try Honch today

Honch sets new standards in data quality to not only ensure compliance but to provide clients with the most transparent and best-quality B2B data available anywhere

With delivery rates above 90%, you can say goodbye to double-digit bounce rates and hello to opens, clicks and revenue

A better way to do B2B Sales & Marketing

Honch lets you target newly appointed decision-makers, funded companies and existing clients when they move companies.

5X increase in reach

7x increase in conversation rate

80% less calls needed for better results

Request Management

Connect Honch to your CRM in Seconds

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Honch CRM connect

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